Brazil, Compliance and Governance
This line of research analyzes the social challenge that exists in motivating Brazilian citizenship, including companies and governments, to adopt a social culture of compliance, where the law exists as a social rule understood and fulfilled by all, serving as a instrument of management and mediation in social relations and entrepreneurial activities. Therefore, our research studies the effectiveness of the Brazilian legal system in the formulation of its legal and regulatory guidelines and in the application and execution of these guidelines in the social and business contexts of Brazil, evaluating governance decision processes and potential improvement alternatives. We use as a parameter Applied Law and Comparative Law.


Governance and Effectiveness of Compliance in Brazil

This research project studies the potential and the historical of the effectiveness of the social goal of compliance in Brazil, analyzing the integrated effect of compliance with the reality of the Brazilian legal-penal system and the exercise of governance by political leaders and We examined case studies focusing on ethical dilemmas and their legal impacts on governance decisions, in order to identify opportunities for improvement in the effectiveness of law enforcement in Brazil, including through educational programs. (1986 / Current - project in progress.)

Communication and Effectiveness of the Brazilian Justice System

This research project analyzes how communication affects the potential of achieving the social purpose of the Brazilian Justice System, observing the social challenge that exists in motivating the Brazilian citizenship to approach the legal system and to use the Law for its purpose of serving as instrument of social progress. In this sense, we study the proposition of simplifying legal jargon and structuring the Brazilian regulatory system, bureaucratizing its language and facilitating its knowledge and use by the population. (1994/ Current - project in progress.)

Social Enterprise Compliance and Licensing

This research project studies how compliance assessments affect the social licensing of the enterprise, analyzing the effectiveness of Law as an instrument for mediating social dialogue, between society and enterprise, for the social legitimation that will enable the acquisition and preservation of its licensing legal. In this context, the research also studies the effectiveness of the social dialogue necessary for the internal and external relations of the entrepreneurial company with the multiple stakeholders with the enterprise. (2009/2016 - project completed.)

#10 Measures for Public Security in Rio de Janeiro

This research project sought to identify ten legal acts that could compose an agenda of priority initiatives for the improvement of public safety in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, combining technical, legal, financial and social feasibility with the perspective of generating a synergistic effect for integrated action between society, the legal system and the security forces. (2015/2017 - project completed.)