Right, Society and Innovation
This line of research studies innovation as an instrument for improving the effectiveness of the application of Law in Brazil, based on the interaction of society with its Justice System. Therefore, it proposes to analyze processes of social innovation in the legal-normative formulation; in the selection, implementation, management and inspection of standardized public policies; jurisdiction; and in compliance with the law. Our research observes the integrated effect of the dynamics of such innovations for the effectiveness of the Justice System in Brazil, in achieving the social goal of integrated development. We use as a parameter Applied Law and Comparative Law.

Legal Innovation and Economic Reforms
This research project studies the formulation and application of legal innovations that contribute to the solution of a specific socio-economic problem, analyzing the legal situation that configures it and the legal innovations applied, such as legislative, regulatory and jurisdictional improvements, aiming at the improvement of the economic conditions necessary for social progress in Brazil. We have examined Applied Law in several case studies in Brazil since the 1990s. (1991/2013 - project completed.)
Social Innovation and the Effectiveness of Law in Brazil

This research project analyzes the dialogue between social innovations and legal innovations, focusing on opportunities to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement in Brazil. Mapping the reciprocal relationship in which social innovation generates legal innovation and vice versa, the study evaluates the performance of social innovation as an instrument for solving social problems and, therefore, as potentially useful to the social end of Brazilian sustainable development. (2011 / Current - project in progress.)